Multi-monitor tools (windows 7)

I was wondering if you guys have any experience with these kind of tools and do you have any suggestions?

I saw this app ( on steam and I though that would be nice. I don't have to minimize my window so I can see the clock gadget in my other monitor. I really like the extended taskbar thing.

But I went on the steam forums and saw that people find it an easy and convenient tool but it's unreasonably priced even though it's on sale right now.

They suggested lots of other open source alternatives like dual monitor taskbar: 


I use Display fusion it's pretty good and free, check it out.

Displayfusion is great, only downside is the huge cost but there are ways around that, and there's a trial (I think)

I've used displayfusion for a while now.  The steam license is lifetime and can be used on any pc which you have steam installed on.


It has a ton of good features, besides taskbar oriented ones.  You can set a shit ton of keyboard shortcuts (ie. I have several keyboard shortcuts to move windows from one montior to the next...move the window and maximize it, move the window and minimize it, etc.).  


It's worth the steam price.  

Ah yeah I'm an idiot I meant it''s free for 30 so you see if it suits your needs first, not that it's completely free.

im using dexspot.. has free license and can create virtual desktops

Windows 8 shows bars on all by default. After you install a taskbar it's just like win7