Multi-Monitor Software

do you guys know of any good multi-monitor software

I want to be able to run programs on the left monitor and manage a desktop on the right monitor without minimizing
and also if i start programs on the left monitor the desktop things don't get moved when i have a full screen application on the left

The first one is not possible, you can make some games run windowed without a border though, which allows you do virtually do the same thing, I forgot what to put begind a shortcut though. The second one would just be that you are not using the same resolution in the game as you normally use on your desktop, if you change it that should be fine.

As for dual monitor software, myself I use displayfusion, works great so far, never had any problems and it has some nice wallpaper features too!

UltraMon is a utility for multi-monitor systems, designed to increase
productivity and unlock the full potential of multiple monitors.
Efficiently move windows, manage more applications with the Smart
Taskbar, and control application positioning. You can also use a
different wallpaper and screensaver on each monitor.

not sure if you use ATI, but if you do then Hydra vision should do all of that.

yes ive tried it
its a good program but i was looking for a little bit more...

yea i use ati

ill try that brb

ok, i will ask my question in this thread because i font want to start a new thread about duel monitors,
i have a 21.5 inch monitor and a 32 inch tv, i want to hook them up so i can play games across both of them, well... im looking for a program that will let me change the position of the desktop and size of the desktop so it will line up, im not sure if hydra vision does this, but i have tried ultramon and it didnt work. so if anyone has any ideas (or if it lets you do that in hydra vision) please tell me.

ty :)

Ultramon > Hydravision.

The only device so far that lets you play games on both monitors is the Matrox Dual/Triple-Head-to-Go(TONS OF HYPHENS!!). But that thing is insanely expensive and only supports a certain amount of games.

That said, wait a bit an look out for ATI's Eyeinfinity and see if that's good.