Multi-Monitor Setup Questions

OK, I want to game on mainly 2 1080p monitors, but maybe upgrade to 3 eventually, what requirements would my GPU need? Or any suggestions on a GPU? CPU - AMD FX-8350, 4gb RAM.

Really depends on budget and the details you want to play at. I'd recommend at least a 7950, but ideally a 7970 GHz Ed.

For gaming on a triple monitor display, you will need a decent CPU, and a high-end gpu with at least 3gb of DDR5 ram.

An FX 8350 and a HD 7970, will be fine, but if you want to max out the games and be able to reach 60 fps you might need something higher.

Btw 2 monitor for gaming is not cool, unless you use only one for the game and the other one for using the web browser at the same time.





What would you recommend for say 40-50 fps? On high/ultra.

FX 8350 + HD 7970 will be fine on every game there is now. But I can't guarantee 2015 games will be the same

If you are using 2 monitors for gaming realize your cross hair/center screen will be on the bezel where the two screen meet.