Multi-monitor setup HIGHQUALITY

I am new to multi monitor set up. I really want to stay with nvidia since I do have a shield and I do get some discounts from my company towards them and a few other companies. So I was wondering how I would set up 3 to 4 monitors?? I know that displayport or dual link would be best but is there a way to set up monitors with just one/two connections 

idk I am very confused. sorry if that didn't make much sense. I would like to stay away for hdmi and get the best quality as possible so how would I go about that or will I need to use hdmi? I have already ordered 3 benq xl2420te144hz monitors which have 2 hdmi one full size displayport and a dvi. So yeahhhh I am massively confused....Halp pleeeeezzzzz :D

What's your beef with HDMI?  I'm running a triple monitor setup with HDMI for my main screen and DVI on either side.  Absolutely no problems.

I dont think it would be able to provide the 144hz of my three way monitors. 

Well, what graphics card do you have currently?  If it's something relatively new (made in the last few years), then it should support a triple monitor set up.  Display Port and DL DVI will both handle 144hz.  HDMI will not as far as I'm aware.  So assuming your graphics card has 2 dual link DVI connections and a display port 1.2 connection, you should be good to go.  If it doesn't, then I'm afraid you're going to need a new graphics card in order to run all three monitors at 144hz.  

Pretty much any new mid to high end GeForce card will likely have what you need.  Pick one that fits your budget and off you go.  Obviously, the more powerful the card, the better it will handle gaming at 5760x1080 (assuming that's what you end goal here is).