Multi monitor issues on ubuntu gnome

From what I can figure this is a known issue but I just install the latest version ubuntu gnome on my rig that consists of a intel i5 and nvidia 760. I am current using the open source X drivers. I use the display under system settings to change were i want the monitors, but the config resets when i log out and log back in, and I have checked the monitors.xml doesn't change. I have gotten round this by getting a script that parses the monitors.xml and then uses xrandr on the parsed info to force the monitor setup. My question is

1: Is there a proper/better way to fix this. From what I have read there might be a way to do this with the .xprofile, but im not sure.

2: how do I config the gnome login screen for the same monitor arraignment

The link below is what I did and it has worked so far.

I used sudo xrandr - - output DVIx - - primary and it stuck on my 2 27 inch monitors... Try it :D check the xrandr man pages for specific port names on your card etc

Replacing x with the correct dvi port number

I used to run Ubuntu Studio (xfce) and always had problems with my nvidia card on dual display.

Least intrusive fix I used was adding a startup item to load the xrandr settings, but still had issues with full screen video.

Had better results when switched to the proprietary drivers, but never really got it working as well as i liked. Adding proprietary drivers also messed up startup splash screens - spent a lot of time working on 'plymouth fix' and editing 'grub config' .Websearch on these may help you sort your login screen.

Ended up ditching Ubuntu when mate advised me to try Manjaro. Big seller was that it configured the displays correctly even on booting from live usb.

IMHO Manjaro/Arch is a better choice for multi-monitor rig, but the year spent learning the basics in ubuntu was useful for learning to recognise the reasons for changing distribution

Have you tried arandr? It's pretty sweet, you can make it save the script to configure your screens, which you can then load into your session startup.

Thats basicly what i have now, but with xrandr

I tried this and researched alittle more and everthing says to do this except in my case it didnt work. im not sure why.

i was on the fence about going with arch, but i went with ubuntu because it was more user friendly and there official steam support. I might go with your suggestion if ubuntu doesn't work out well.