Multi monitor Help!

Hello All,

I am not new to a computer but i am new to gaming and higher end builds. I currently have a GTX 660 TwnFrozr. I have two monitors connected currently and am looking to add another. I have the DVI ports used currently. I have an HDMI and Displayport available. i have been seeing some issues with passive and active cables. i am not looking to do 3 monitor gaming. I use my main screen for gaming and movies and such. i am looking to use the other screens for various things so the surround stuff does not matter to me. Please advise on how i can set this up. I am moving in a week so i do not have the third monitor yet just preparing to set it up. Thank you in advance for anyone that helps!

I personally use a 660ti and use a monitor on the display port, DVI and Hdmi and it works fine if that helps.

You'll need to use the display port and the DVI ports.  Other than that it can be whatever, so just make sure you get the right adapter for your display port.  Go nuts.

Ok, thanks for the input. By right adapter are you meaning like an "active" adapter for the displayport? or will a display to dvi cable do the trick?

I am currently running 3, 1080p monitors on a single GTX 660 (EVGA gtx 660 ftw signature 2) I am using both DVIs and the HDMI and i haven't ran into any problems.

Awesome! Thanks for the help guys. i think i was reading too much into the whole surround thing and the active and passive cables. Thanks again!