Mtgox actually was ddosed

Regardless of what mtgox says the crash on their site was the direct result of an attack. I know the finnish bastard who has been doing it. It's quite funny in my opinion how the currency's value can be tanked by a bit of downtime on the major trading sites.

Mt.gox hasn't be scared to say when they are DDOS'ed. So why would they lie about it now?

Because the entire market crashed.

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the hard part of beliving you is you say you know the guy who DDOS'ed Mtgox. Kinda ind that hard to belive since if this was true a lot of people might want to kill him.

Well wouldn't you suppose that since I know him that I wouldn't care what happened to buttcoins as well or any of the people that associate with him for that matter? 

 <sorry> o new sales

<sorry> sec getting ip

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What's the point of this post besides the fact that you're trying to insist that it was a DDOS and that "you know who did it?" Judging by a bit of your spelling, and your use of the word "buttcoins," I'm going to assume that you're not as much of a physical adult as most of us. I don't find it unlikely to have a Finnish friend when you live in Texas, but I'm still going to have to call bullshit on this one.



I know, im going to have to boommark that one.

Just because I use the term buttcoins to poke fun at an unstable form of currency (unstable for right now) does not mean I am not an adult. However, unlike most people my age I still consider myself a kid at 18 near 19. In fact, a low level of maturity could also be attributed to people who make snap judgments or people who keyword other people with the general area in which they live. Anyway, we are all friends here and as much as I don't really like bitcoins I still respect the Teksyndicate community and the sub-community of miners. My spelling mistakes are due to the little bit of rum I have had tonight. The point of this post was just to call a little bullshit on mtgox for dismissing an attack. 


Edit: Furthermore, while I find it unlikely my "friend's" attack could have really had nothing to do with the crash at all it could be possible that people lost confidence in the system around the same time of the attack and the two events are totally unrelated. 

Double edit: Due to the amazing series of tubes dubbed the internet it is possible to have friends from all kinds of places which would obviously include Finland. Hell, I met my girlfriend whom I just visited a few weeks ago and have decided to move closer to on a minecraft griefing community turned general gaming forum. And the gif is simply because the one above reminded me of this one. So, ITT since I can't truly confirm whether or not the attack caused the crash why not discuss the possibilty of an attack crashing bitcoins?

To me it seems like your upset getting called out. Maybe your friend did DDOS mt.gox but I bet it wasn't anything major for them and they were still active.


Again, Mt.gox hasn't been shy about speaking on their DDOS attacks, why would they start now? It wasn't a DDOS attack that crashed the price anyhow. 

No, I am actually far from upset. Voicing your concerns and opinions rather than just accept what I have to say means you are intelligient people and I welcome that. I can confirm that he brought down mtgox a couple times earlier. After he got bored with them he went on a packet rampage and took down a couple of other places. As I stated above though, while I know that he brought it down there obviously isn't statistical data I can grab to show a direct link between him and the  crash. Also stated above is that since I have no way to prove a correlation between the two we should discuss if it is even possible for ddos to cause a crash.

"I can confirm that he brought down mtgox a couple times earlier." Thats what you keep saying, yet you never do.


Of course I can't provide proof it was him. It's not like I can just post kaiten bot logs and have that be perfectly legal on my end...

"while I find it unlikely my "friend's" attack could have really had nothing to do with the crash at all"

"I can confirm that he brought down mtgox a couple times earlier."

So you can confirm some, but not this one that you seemed so confident about upon the intial post of this thread?

Also, you tried to invalidate my assumption of you not being an adult due to your use of terminology, but then immediately after confirmed the fact that you do still consider yourself a kid.

So many contradictions.

Sums it up pretty well...

There are the no contradictions. I merely stated that while I find it incredibly unlikely his attacks had nothing to do with it the possibility is there. Saying that he nulled it a couple times and said attacks may not have directly related to a crash was my intention with the "contradiction". Now on to the second one regarding adulthood. My point that you missed here is that I am a full adult in the legal sense, but like most college age students I am still pretty clueless and thefore still a "kid". What I do apologize for is making this thread seem like a claim that the crash was all because of one guy. My intention for this post was to disclose that they were in fact being ddos'd around the time of the crash and what your thoughts might be on if that might have affected the market that severely.

I'm just going to leave this here.

scroll down and they discuss the DDOS

And? Doesn't mean its his friend, or that a DDOS caused Bitcoin to crash.

Actually they did confirm  this in an indirect way. 

Q: Are you able to look at the history or orders and see what account(s) are perfect in timing large sell offs prior to the DDoSing and then near instant buys when trading resumes in order to get some type of an idea who is doing this?

A: We are able to, and of course we are and will continue to investigate. Of course, this is a very difficult and time consuming process, and is not guaranteed to succeed in finding the culprits, but nevertheless we will try. We are putting more of our efforts into making sure that this does not happen in the future. Rest assured, our priority is to make sure that all transactions proceed smoothly.


Do you even know how DDOS attacks work? It's not possible for one friend to take down a major website