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MTB questions (forks)

Heeeyyy guys!

This thread is for anyone who actually knows stuff.
So the question is: Should I get 120mm fork? and What is|are my best buget option? Not considering Suntour. RockShox of maybe fox, maybe you actually know a good buget other fork? Well, if there IS a good suntour fork, let me know.

So my bike came with 80mm fork. There are 900 and 930version. 900 is a younger brother with 80mm, worse brakes and everything. 930 nativaly came with suntour 100mm fork.

Frames are absolutely identical other than decals and colors.
Its a 29er, so a big but dam confy guy. Surprisingly. Its not for city though, its just a low end bike hahahah

I ride trails, XC mostly. Also travel on it a lot. Well, sometimes I do like to try some light downhill or just try some new things.
Now I ride my friends bike with 100mm fork, its, meeeeh, sometime enough, sometimes not. So I've been thinking about 120mm fork, since I am about 82kg pretty heavy, 10-15mm will go right away, leaving me with 100-110mm of travel without changing geometry big time. Although I do work and chill with guys who know this stuff, decided to ask american side to see what you think. Here in russia, you dont ride trails, trails ride you.

Sooo need to make the right choice.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for poo grammar. Cheers.
5960x to everybody.

A longer fork is no guarantee for better ride. What you need is one that is properly set up.
Having the right spring rate, preload and damper settings is more important than having that extra 20mm.

Personally I'm a big fan of the Rockshox Reba, but I don't know if your budget goes that far.

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Your frame geometry is probably only designed around a 100mm fork a longer fork will slightly slacken the head angle, which you would probably notice most on steeper climbs.

Some frames are also only warrantied for a certain length fork, if you fit a longer one and the headtube snaps...

I currently have a 100mm rockshox recon gold on my xc hardtail. Its pretty much a cheaper/heavier Reba and way better than top end forks from 10 years ago.

I also have a 120mm recon silver on my other mountain bike, the difference really is minimal. The wider bars and short stem make it a better bike for DH and trail riding.

As above though you need to make sure whatever fork you have is properly set for your weight etc.

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