I’m thinking about buying a Level1 KVM and was wondering if the DP 1.4 KVM switch would work with a DP MST hub (like this one )?

I’ve had mixed results with MST Hubs on the DP 1.2 variant.

What it boils down to is signal strength, from what I can tell.

Lots of the MST Hubs don’t recondition the signal, so any loss from gpu to kvm, kvm to hub, hub to display is additive. If you have short cables, or level1 cable kit, you will have the best results, but otherwise, you’ll likely be in trouble.

thanks for the quick reply
I’m still thinking about it

Any time. Saw the thread, have the knowledge, might as well share my experience.

Let us know what your plans are.

How many displays total do you have? Because if it’s just two, the dual monitor switch is what you’ll want.

I have 3 monitors on this setup. but I had forgotten that DP adapters don’t work off of mst hubs until after I posted this, so nevermind. I have a couple of old Dell monitors that I keep around because they have DVI, VGA, RCA, and S-video inputs (great for hooking up and testing all sorts of random stuff I come across) and I’ve tried using them through another monitors DP out with an active adapter, but that didn’t work

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Oh, yeah, that’s too bad.

Sorry it won’t work out for ya. :frowning: