MSI's "new" 970 Gaming MOBO

So I was doing my regular site runs and when I checked the AM3+ section on Newegg I saw this guy:! I'm not sure how new it really is but it seems to be amazing because:

1.MSI Gaming

2.MSI stability

3.AMD platform(non APU)

4. UNDER $100!

Yup there have been a few posts about this now. It looks interesting and potentially very cool, I would certainly buy it if/when my board dies, except for the potential old issues. Basically MSi make junk AM3+ boards and until this has a lot of time backing it up it will be viewed as suspicious. The problem with that is it is super late in the AM3+ game so might be dead on its feet. 

Basically what Zibob said.

Not realy much reviews yet, but it seems to me that this board has the same power delivery as the Z97 Gaming 5. its 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm.

Should be able to handle the 8350 at stock clocks no problem, but I wouldn't expect to achieve and record-breaking overclocking with it. Looks like a pretty decent board for the money, either way.

God damn that thing is beautiful,why the hell wasn't it released when I bought my pc and I got this ugly ass 990xa-ud3 ...

Damn! I freaking knew it. Well I guess I put some kind of disclaimer-ish.