MSI's Best Secret Of Ryzen trip to AMD in Austin! | Level One Techs

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sweet, voted.

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Can you give us more details about the iommu situation ?

Voted. It says Unnamed User but the link is to the L1 tech video. Is that correct ?

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I really look forward for the memory video :slight_smile:

given u a vote on all 3. hehe

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Voted. Any news on Ryzen/Vega laptops? puppy dog eyes


Man :(~ Had to unblock gleam to vote. See what i do for you guys ?


Any tidbits on the server parts?

When you were talking about virtualization, was there any info about SRIOV on Vega?


Was there any word on how they do their 1700/1700x/1800x binning?.

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Is it just me or is "Best Secret of Ryzen" kind of a weird name? Does it have any deeper meaning or am I just not getting it... also what IS the secret ... ? Or is it still secret? I don't get it.

I mean is it "best kept" secret or... the "most awesome" or ... ?

As I understand it, AMD really can't open source the Platform Security Processor (PSP) in any meaningful way. It is at it's core an ARM TrustZone. AMD doesn't own that. It is very unlikely that ARM will open up TrustZone as they make their money off licensing. Sure I could have misunderstood something, but I don't think so.

Asking AMD to open up the PSP is a waste of time, they don't own it so they can't to it. The best you can hope for is a hardware level off switch.

I spy a bright future for the content. Awesome!

We're not winning this. I suggest that we cheat. Use Opera and keep changing location with its built-in VPN, if you don't already have VPN. You can vote 5-6 times that way.

Very cool and interesting video.
Good to see that iommu and virtualization support is on AMD´s radar.
I think that Robert Hallock is a very interesting guy to talk to.
Hopefully we hear more about this stuff in the future.

Also to Msi, it would be a great idea to target the professional,
and workstation users with some nice am4 professional / workstation motherboards.
Because that nicé of the market is still not really full filled yet.

Big thanks to Msi for inviting our community into this epic trip.
Also big thanks to AMD.

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Someone else, I forget who, released video material from Robert Hallock's talk. It was a lot more than I expected, I think it is great that AMD is doing stuff like this. How does RAM overclocking work on Ryzen? Just refer to Hallock, pretty much straight from the horses mouth. :slight_smile:

I think it was Redgamingtech.

its close to a hour.


Couple of questions I have...

Regarding the APU thing. Cramming a ton of APUs into a server chassis all well and fine, but what is the benefit? The VMs can't run on the graphics core right? So what is the graphics core used for in this case? Wouldn't it be more efficient to go with Opterons (if you want to stay AMD) or Xeons? They have a ton more cores, no?
That's of course not factoring in the cost, which is probably the deciding factor here?

About the X300 Chipset. If the chipset isn't using the PCIe lanes, how is it connected to the CPU then? I don't imagine it's completely independent :smiley:

The vms can use the graphics core in this case. Remotefx.

X300 is just about booting and access to uefi. So no pcie.. makes sense. Low speed gpio