MSI Z97M Gaming or Asus Maximus VII Gene

Hello. So I think I have figured out which mATX chassis I want but I'm debating on which motherboard to get. I'm debating between the MSI Z97M Gaming or Asus Maximus VII Gene. They seem to have similar features but I think the Asus bios looks better. Any input on which of these boards would be better? Yes I do overclock although I don't think it matters much since I was unlucky and could only get my 4770k to 4.3ghz on my current MSI board (Or is that a mobo problem?) Is the Asus board worth the extra $50 over the MSI? 



I've never actually had an Asus board either, only EVGA and MSI. 

Thanks for any input!!

the Asus not only looks better, it also is better, cause it has a better full 8+2 powerphase and digi vrm design

So then the Asus should be able to push my 4770k further or not enough to be noticeable? Or is OCing on Haswell pretty much only cpu dependent? Like I said I can only get it stable at 4.3/4.2 there's no hope for stabilizing it at 4.4 or higher. 

well basicly the asus VI or VII gene are capable of that. But still it depends on the cpu it self, if you are able to reach 4.6Ghz+

Haswell 1.0 is known of being running freaking hot, if you have a decent cooling, you should be capable of doing it, theoreticly, still it offcourse depends on the cpu still.

My Haswell runs decently cool. I'm running my own custom built LCS with a 240mm rad and the only the I'm cooling with that system is the CPU so I doubt heat is an issue. Like I originally though I probably just got unlucky with the cpu. So the Asus is worth the extra $50 then? I'm not super impressed with the MSI board I have now but it's not like it's a let down for my either and I've had zero experience with Asus. I do like the look of the Asus bios more though.

well if its worth it or not is personal.

But in generel what i personaly like on the Asus rog boards, is the full 8+2 powerphase design and the 10K black capacitors. just quality stuff.

the great onboard audio, the audio chips are basicly the same, however, Asus did allot of tweaking it software based (sonic opt amp) on the Z97 ROG ones. Even Logan stated that he was amazed by it. Also in my opinnion Asus has the best overclock friendly bios so yeah.

Also a Thing i like more about the Asus is the onboard lan chip, Asus uses intel lan chip, on which the msi uses the qualcom killer E2200, But im not realy a fan of that whole killer chip..There where some driver issues with it in the past, if im right, but probably allready fixed. still i prefer intel lan chips.

But yeah the msi-Z97m gaming 5 will also not be a bad choice, offcourse. it has an 8 powerphase design aswell.

So my choice basicly would be the Gene VII, But its just becaust i just like the board and its feutures, However this does totaly not mean that the msi is a badchoice, its just a personal thing how much you care about the feutures you get with both boards.

Hmm Well this is a pretty hard choice haha. They both look cool. The Asus has a better looking, more OC friendly bios from what I've seen in videos. If the Asus has better audio, especially for headphone use, then that's a plus there. Decisions decisions...