MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming Mobo

Has anybody had any experience with this motherboard? It is on sale for only $150 and a $20 rebate so basically it is $70 cheaper than the asus rog maximus vi hero and $95 cheaper than the asus rog maximus vii. I am going to be pairing with an i5 4670k also. Thanks

i dont have personal experiance with it, But as far as i know its great board. Nothing wrong with it.

But you have to realise that the new upcomming haswell refresh Devils canyon and Broadwell cpu´s are probably not gonne be backwards compatible with a Z87 board, thats probably the reason why those Z87 boards going on sale. If you dont botter to any upgrade before skylake, then you will be absolutly fine with that msi board

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I heard that devils canyon is not releasing until August. If that is the case then I'm just going to stick with z87 and upgrade to skylake then. But if devils canyon releases soon I will go that route I guess

devils canyon will be released after peax or how its called. lol

When is peax couldn't find any info lol preciate your help

I have experience with them. They are great boards. Clock just at good as the ROG boards. None I have worked with have any coil whine. There just good and solid.

Yes the Z97 boards are out. The main improvement with Devils Canyon will be overclocking. And how much do you care that your chip overclocks super high or runs just that much cooler.

i mean they will probably launched after computax, in june.

Ok thank you very much

Preciate the input

I use the little brother to this board (Z87-g45) with the i5-4670K and it's a dream for me. only issue I had trying to overclock was realizing I had to type a number for the multiplier rather that hit enter or arrows in the uEFI. Kind of silly and easily ignorable.. Good phase design and msata support, though the GD65 has better phase design. you'll also get 2 more sata ports.