MSI Z77A-G45 Overclocking

Anyone had any experience overclocking with the MSI Z77A-G45 board? Just thought I would ask got this board a couple days ago. I'm waiting to get the rest of my parts to build and figured it be good to be prepared when I get the other components ready to build with and overclock a bit. (4ghz overclock is what I'm gonna shoot for with a i5 3570K) 

You can get 4.5 out of the board. My cousin has his at 4.7 with 1.35 volt overclock. Set your voltage probably to about 1.3 and clock to 4ghz-4.2 and start dialing back the voltage slightly until you find the balance of stability and power

definitly, own it myself.

Thanks just wanted to make sure. 

I worked with a client on one of these boards, got his 3570k to 4.83GHz at 1.37v, BCLK of just 102.1, and he's reported no issues in the last two months. Honestly, though, there are better boards out there for overclocking, and depending on how you do it, whether you do strap OCing or just mulitiplier + votlage, I think that this board is just OK for the job. 

You'll easily make it to 4GHz, though. The 3570k OCs just as well as the good old 2500k.

Lol, that's not true. The 2500K tends to get between 5 and 5.2Ghz, while most 3570Ks only get around 4.6Ghz.

Anyway, there are some settings in the bios you're going to want to turn off. Vdroop is the main one. Also turn off any power saving features. There are probably a few things I missed too, but you should be able to just google it.