MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard

Anyone ever overclock with the same motherboard or similier. I plan on overlocking my 2500k when I finish my watercooling monday to somewhere around 4ghz mabye a bit higher. Was wondering if anyone knew how this msi board handles overclocking.

You can get a 4.2 - 4.5 oc but its power isnt the best.. I would go for the g55 for 20 bucks more. That I know you can get a 4.7 out of a 3570k so a 2500k should be able to hit 5.0 no prob on that,3254.html

Issue at hand is I already have the system together just waiting to finish my water cooling loop (forget 2 fittings) then I'm going to overclock with it. Thanks for the information on the 2500k, I've been reading online lots of people overclock 4-4.5ghz and it's completely stable, so I'm going to start there. You really think the 2500k can hit 5.0ghz overclocked, but I'm assuming I don't want to leave it at that?

Get something with Virtu Universal MVP.


If later down the raod you purchase a CPU with intel HD 4000 graphics and then you have the option of purchasing an AMD card with a substitute for Virtual V-sync provided by Virtu Universal MVP in your MOBO. Gets you an extra 2-12% performance gain and resudces screen tearing etc. Google it check it out.  The new drivers for Virtu are killer and now finally we are seeing use for this technology.  

I suggest this board it overclocks well over 4GHz for either the 2500k or 3570k as far as I understand but don't quote me on that. It overclocks for sure though. Great price for what you're getting combine Virtu on there and it's a killer board. Only really a single GPU board so get a pricier Asus with Virtu on it for SLI/Crosfire. 

haha Cr8zyCanuk, guys I'm not asking for purchase advice I already have a system here beside me. Wondering about peoples experience with the G45 MSI board. Thanks for the information anways Cr8zy :D

I was saying the g55 can hit 5.0     


You might be able to hit 4.5 maybe 4.7. Trial and error is the game at that point :)   GL to you and your overclocking sir!

HAHA JGxTech90 i'm so scared now, Thanks for the advicea and information, when my fittings get here monday I'll post a forum with pictures of my system finished and my OC results! 

I wish you good luck. Post the pics it sounds like an awesome build with a great board. That's a solid board you shouldn't feel bad about owning it.