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What's all this about USB3.0, USB3.1, USB3.1 gen2?
Video: Z270 USB: USB3.0, USB3.1 and USB3.1 Gen2. What does it mean?

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Very nice board again.

I´m not a huge fan of certain Msi X99 boards in general.
However this particular board, and its preducessor the Z170 Xpower Gaming Titanium are very good boards.
Supposingly this board again has a similar vrm as its preducessor as far as i can see on first sight..
Which means that its using the IR35201 8+0 phase flex mode pwm running in 5+2 phase mode.
Main vrm for the cpu: 5 Phases doubled to 10 for the main VCC, 2 phases doubled to 4 for VCCGT.
1 additional phase for VCCSA and 1 additional phase for VCCio / QpiVTT.
Memory vrm 2 phases.
Thats what i´m assuming, but dont fully pin me on it yet.
But like @wendell allready mentioned, its pretty overkill for Kabylake basicly,
its more about controlling temperature and of course silicon luck aswell.

I know this is a necro bump, but for the people that are still interested in the main vrm specs.

VRM design: 10+4 phases.

  • PWM: IR35201 8+0 phase flex mode pwm.
    On this particular board it runs in 5+2 phase mode,
    on which 5 phases bein doubled to 10 pwm phases for main cpu vcore VCC.
    and +2 phases being doubled to 4 pwm phases for igpu VCCGT.
    De doublers being used are IR3599.
    *2 additional sepperate phases for VCCsa and VCCio.

  • Powerstages: IR3555A for each phase which are rated upto 60A each.

  • output filter caps: Tantalum.

  • Inductors: Ti branded high current inductors.

Memory vrm:

  • PWM: Primarion PV3205 digital 2 phases.
  • Mosfets: Some Nikos fets.

The vrm on this particular board is really powerfull.