MSI Z270 Titanium + Fractal Define C & More: Krista's First Computer Build | Level One Techs

Baby's first computer build! Krista has done some very basic hardware things before but has never built a computer from the ground up. Watch the birth of a new member of the PC gaming masterrace.

Our Patreon has the 1:10 hour version of this build! If you're masochistic!

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It's nice seeing a full-fledged system build that's not too crazy from start to finish.

Simple is nice.

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I'm sorry, i am just going to say it...
You insulted that beautiful black/white/silver build with green GPU...

I'm sorry, it's my color OCD...

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the recipient was meant to replace the cpu + add another gpu :D


The real question is will that i3 at 5ghz out preform my 8120 at 4.5 ghz

That case has been on my want list for some time now. I am borderline a Fractal Design fan boy at this point. It was really cool to see some of my favourite online peoples doing a build with it.

Really, because i have some serious design issues with all fractal cases since the R5 up till now...
I don't want them to do Arc Midi R3 before they get their sh!t together... They are going to [email protected] it up as well...

There are good ideas in all of their cases, but i have real issues with the execution.
I still think Arc Midi/Mini R2 are their best cases ever. They are going only down hill from there.

I'll letcha know when I am spooning with my new case.

really nice to see a system giveaway, but why didnt you use the cheaper i3. i mean the hyperthreaded pentium hint hint wink wink $60

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Cool well done @kreestuh for the first time without any experiance.
What did you experiance as being the hardest part of this build?

Getting all the tiny parts in the right place lol. I thought I would have more of an advantage since my hands are pretty small but you really have to contort yourself to screw and plug everything in right. That being said, I appreciate that the particular case we used here kind of forces you into good habits with where you put things, because the final build looks pretty clean in my amateur opinion. :p (Most of the PCs I've had previously are surplus, so the cable management can be pretty unruly).

Also just the general frustration of not knowing what you're doing (and being aware there's an audience watching you lol). I enjoy learning new things, but I usually prefer figuring it out on my own. Don't think I ever would've done this without Ryan and Wendell though!


Magnetic tipped screw drivers are a godsend :) so are these............

clutched 90 degree pivot with a smaller powerpack base

I think that the build looks great indeed.
And yeah i totally feel you, allthough we as girls have smaller hands, its still a pain to plug certain wires, like frontpanel buttons etc, onto the motherboard headers once the board is installed inside the case.
I broke a couple of nails on those in the past allready haha.
But you did a great job for the first time, with some good assistance from wendell and Ryan.
I have build a couple of systems allready, but never with a camera on my face.
I think that i would be totally nervous lol.

So i suppose we gonne see some more Krista builds in the future?

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she's doing a ryzen rgb build as we speak!?!!?! !one!1?!!!11


Would be great, then she will also experiance the diffrence between intel platforms and amd platforms building up on.
Allthough its not that much diffrent, but still a good learning curve.
And if she's enjoying it, then its great.
Audience can definitelly appreciate this, if i see how manny views this video allready has.
Which is great.

Currious to see how much fancy RGB this upcomming build is going to get haha.

I honestly feel like she could've been introduced a lot better. Mentioning of controversy over thermal paste spreading really isn't required. I think mentioning the parts live was also unnecessary, explanation of parts of a computer really should be a separate video from the building process. It would've been fine to have threw in on the video overlay what the specific part was; my point is that it did not fit the live build process well. Overall I think it's only interesting for the audience that is interested in the L1 crew, but not very effective as a showing of how to build a computer. (I really don't want to compare, but I'd much rather recommend a LTT video showcase of a how-to).

Don't take it too harsh, I definitely appreciate what you guys are trying to do; there's definitely room to grow into and improve!

To answer the video's question: I personally prioritize SSD, CPU, then PSU. Honestly as long as something is responsive, I can deal with it. Reliability/fire safety is definitely important too.

Nice build, @kreestuh, i wonder who was the first person to get grumpy with the tiny parts. : )
the best moment for me when building is the moment i'm done with the tiny parts, and the anti climax come 's when the thing boots, no fanfare etc.. its just working : ))

Yup. PC case manufactured to near perfection as far as I'm concerned. There might be some smaller adjustments that they could make for R3, but nothing that would deviate from the core design principles. The biggest difference that I could live with is removal of the the optical drive cages in favor of more fan and storage space. It also needs a white version. But for the love of god if they ever make an Arc Midi R3 I hope they won't add a PSU shroud. If they do, they should make it removable.

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Every case and it's dog have a PSU shroud. Not to mention the one, that Fractal are using on Define C is ugly as sin...
But yes.

I agree 101%. That is the one thing I want.
And the Arc Midi hard drive cage mounts, so it can be screwed to any 120mm fan mount slot...