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Just do the Oscilloscope thing.

I really like that 11 knob, audio side of things, and even that handsome CPU butler.
But darn, that board is more expensive than 6700k itself? :D

Owww candy for a child, was surprised on the keyboard utility thing. Ok Wendell, looking threw manual for the m2 slot config to much for ya? ;-P
As always enjoy your vid’s and was wondering (if you had to put a price on it) how much do you think the sound sys would be worth in a stand alone?

@Wendell mind comparing the sound sys to say maybe the DAC’s from the guy (forgot his name) Logan gets his DAC’s from? My son wanted this mobo (even sent me a link to it), watching your video does wonders in comparison to reading stats; favorite part was watching bios oc!

@Wendell this mobo would be perfect to test how much interference two video cards have with onboard sound

I picked up the M7, and have been living with it for about a week now. One thing I'll say, the OC knob is nice but it DOES alter the Base Clock and other settings, so it caused me some headaches with my GPU OC. And I really wish you could turn off the green LEDs on the on board buttons and display. The talk about the Audio made me almost wish I'd gone ahead with the M9, but the M7 audio seems to be more than sufficient for my needs. Great review Wendell. I wonder how the software suite stacks up compared to other board manufacturers? I haven't played with Gigabyte, Asus, etc but there doesn't seem to be much difference between Click BIOS 4 and 5 for example, and the other stuff (Gaming App, Command Center, and Live Update) didn't change much either.

You mentioned testing in Linux, have you seen any performance problems with the killer NIC? They have been unreliable int he past.

I've been running a Z77A-GD65 Gaming with Killer E2200 NIC on Mint 17.2 for months now and it just worked right away without needing any tweaks.
That being said, I do indeed notice that transfer speeds between my NAS and my SSD are about 60MB/s, whereas on Windows I'm maxing out my gigagbit network. I never bothered to dig into it though, but I suspect it to be NIC-related indeed.
The one in the video uses an E2400 NIC though, so I'm not sure how relevant my experience is.