MSI X99S SLI Plus no video out

Hi all,

I'm putting together a system with an MSI X99S SLI Plus and I've assembled it all out of the case. The first time I tried power it on I got a red LED appearing near the 24 pin. After switching around some ram I managed to get it to appear to power up for a fraction of a second before powering off straight afterwards. Now, after simply power cycling that a bit and continuing to swap RAM it appears to be running but I can't get a video out of my GTX660 no matter which PCI-E slot I try, and my keyboard backlight only appears for a fraction of a second when it first boots. Any advice?

what are the other parts?

I'm using an Intel Xeon E5-2650L v4, Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 (4x4GB), Corsair TX750, Samsung 840 Evo and a 1TB WD Black drive. Everything apart from the CPU, Motherboard, and RAM definitely works fine.

ok well im pretty sure you cant run this board off of one ram dim but try it. I would just mix and match all the ram and see if thats the problem which it seems you have already done. Do you not have any other GPU to try out?

Just tried with a 550Ti and two sticks and no change - any ideas?

Re-seat cpu.
But i see that you are using a Broadwell EP xeon on a first gen Msi X99S Sli plus board.
It could be that you need a bios update before it works.

Possibly - do you know any way to do it without a compatible CPU - I know some Asus boards can

you can usually ask the manufacturer for a new chip but that might take awhile

you can use usb flashback utility without a cpu or ram installed on the Asus board.
Msi unfortunatly doesnt have this feuture.

Having checked with MSI I should have BIOS 1.B which supports it. Almost definitely a DOA CPU, which isn't too surprising - it's a QS.