MSI x99s Gaming 9 paint job

I've built my own pc's before, but I've never painted them. Thinking on a new build decided i wanted to go all out, but the color scheme in my mind completely clashes with the MSI board I want. How much of the board can be re-colored? I know the shields are fine, but what about the heat sink? and for the board itself I read somewhere about spraying it with plastidip (whatever that is lol) but how difficult/risky is it to do? if anyone knows some good motherboard re-color tutorial vids that'd be awesome

Plasti-dip is not a great idea directly on the PCB because plasti dip as a heat tolerance of about 290. It would not likely kill anything on board (it is liquid latex basically) But it may start to bubble up if it gets too hot in areas. Also, plasti-dip attracts dust like nothing I have seen. It can be cleaned. it it is not fun. Also Pulling it off (what it is made to do) would be a pain with all the caps and solder joints.. If I were you, I would go with Engine paint on the Sinks. Keep in mind ANY coating on the sinks will reduce its ability to dissipate heat. It will not be by much, but you may notice a one or two degree difference.     If you do this, painters tape will be your best friend. 


Oh I totally wouldn't have thought to use engine paint good call. What about the PCI/DIMM slots? could I just slot in some old ram and use paint markers?

Aside from engine paint you could use Anodizing paint. It is meant for metal surfaces. The DIMM slots will be Tricky. I have never removed the plastic around the DIMMS, so I do not know if they even can be removed. but I would not use anodizing or engine paint on plastic parts. Use Fusion for that;. The problem, is that the DIMM slots and holes at the top. paint can get into that and possibly (actually likely) short out a DIMM or more specifically prevent the copper on copper contact that the RAM needs in order to function.  If you are willing to risk it, I would not be, remove the plastic from around the DIMMS. If someone knows that these cannot be removed at all, I ask they tell you.  But barring that, removing that plastic will ensure that no pain gets stuck in difficult places.  Doing this to an X99 board seems risky, If you have an old board to practice on, do that first and see how it turns out before possibly sacrificing your boards functionality and most definitely, its warranty..  paint markers may not be a bad idea, but I doubt you will get the even stoke and solid color you were looking for.  I would personally tape over the tops, trim the tape, then spray. the RAM will cover the DIMM slots. You will have to get more creative with the unused PCI slots.

Yeah i definitely agree its a bit risky, I got an old MSI laying around from a couple years ago so it's going to be my test subject lol if it runs well and i have no real troubles or issues pop up after running it for a couple days then I will do it to my x99. thats not a bad idea covering and spraying, i haven't used paint pens since some random project years ago lol so i couldnt tell you if I could get it even or not so like you say the spray would probably be the smarter choice.