SO its a sad day in my world, my X99a Sli Krait is FUBAR. It arrived with 4 bad usb 3.0 ports, i was willing to look past it so I delt with it for about a month. But the board is just so freaking unstable crashing during simple tasks. Has anyone ever RMA'd a MSI MOBO before? How long does it take i'm gonna plan on at least a month....UUUGH! First world problems.

I think that Msi is pretty nicely wenn it comes to RMA´s.

MSI is great when it comes to RMA. If they don't have an exact replacement, they'll give you one of equal or greater value.

I sent in a dead 280x, and got back a 390x.

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thats part of us law for any rma/warranty.

Law or not, there are still horror stories related to RMAs. MSI, IMO, is better at handling them in a timely manner.

That's awesome jason!! How long did it all take?

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Few weeks. My fault, though. I filed for an RMA on September 25th. Then... Didn't drop it off to UPS until October 7th. Got to them 6 days after that. Probably would have gone a lot smoother if I sent it right away.

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I sent my X99s SLI plus, and it arrived at their center on the 9th of December, and I haven't got it back yet. I was having a bunch of issues with it as well, USB ports not working, and a lot of crashes. I had decided to ditch the board before I sent it, so I got my self and ASUS X99 Sabertooth, and will probably sell the board I get back from RMA.

MSI rma is the best in the industry you'll be fine.


Wow these guys are fast!
My board got there Friday (1-9-16), and is already shipped, and on its way back scheduled for Friday delivery(1-15-16)!!!

The shipping was the most painful part! This is my first RMA ever, and am super impressed, I didn't expect to see it back until the end of the month!

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Sounds good.