MSI x99a need bios help

I have an x99a gaming 7 that I’ve been having trouble with. The board has dual bios with no flashback.

The Corsair memory I’ve had has always been problematic on this board. Different bios versions have been super inconsistent with ram functionality. Long story short I ended up flashing the latest bios to one (the one with the specter updates) and that was basically non-functional. The other bios had a poorly functioning version on it as well. The best I could get is a boot loop while it tries to initialize the ram.

I was trying to get into the bios to downgrade through m-flash but I haven’t gotten back there. I bought a ch314a programmer and the awful clip apparently didn’t read either of the chips correctly, both are corrupted. The clip is in the garage and I got some smd grippers which are working very well.

I’m trying to write the bios from the MSI downloads page. I know they’re missing the MAC address/serial number, but they should still boot right? I’m pretty sure they should, I think MSI provdes full bios files but I haven’t gotten anything more than fans-on/d0 from the diag lights. I’ve tried a few times, the files are being written correctly. The verification succeeds, I also tried reading the files back and they match.

Any ideas why it’s not booting?

Every time I’ve tried all I get is fans/board lights/d0 but nothing after.

Help please!

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