MSI X370 sli plus

I have a Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair lpx 3000 MHz 8x2 sticks for a total of 16gb a GTX 1060 gpu by MSI when I try to boot the pc for the first time it will not post and the debug lights kick on first the cpu light then a few seconds later the dram light I have tried removing the cpu and re seating it removing the ram to one stick and rebooting and can not get it to post at all what do y’all think the problem is? I am a noob builder this is my first build any help would be great thanks everyone!

@PitVapor Well, it would help if you would list a complete list of all your parts and what operating software are you using. With the limited information, you have provided it is hard to give any advice. For example, I have heard if you are using Windows 8 or 7 with any of the Ryzen or Theadripper processors your system can refuse to post. The problem could be hardware related or software. Let’s diagnosis if the problem is hardware related that is going to be the hardest.

I have a few questions that will help me figure out what could be the problem. Did the MSI X370 SLI Plus ever post before (in other words is the X370 SLI Plus new or used)?
Are you sure all power cords are all attached and plug into your power socket? You would be surprised how often I have found out a cat either choose through a wire or unplugs the power cord from the desktop. Did you use the included CPU cooler or did you use a custom one? On my second Desktop build, (I am currently planning my fourth) I came across the same problem you are describing. I am not saying you have the same problem.

What I did was I incorrectly install the included Intel fan onto the CPU and broke one of the plastic fasteners hence the CPU fan wasn’t completely fastened to the CPU, so it would only boot for 10 seconds and then shut off by its self. This turned out to be a good thing because it saved me from having to purchase a new retail box. I had to only purchase a new custom CPU cooler.

I have downloaded the manual for your motherboard and am will to help you figure out if you made an error in building your system or if its a hardware issue or software. If it is a hardware or software issue, I know a few members on this forum that are more knowable than me. Let’s figure your problem out without spending more money to fix it.

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@Shadowbane All of the parts are brand new the computer has never posted before I am using a Corsair H115i AIO I am sure everything is plugged in correctly all the fans come on when I hit the power switch but I get no video from the gpu or onboard graphics and I get the debug light for cpu not detected or fault and dram not detected or fault

So, let’s make sure we are on the same page, the problems is you get no video on your monitor, is that correct? Are the parts under warranty (meaning you could return the parts for a complete refund). It might be easier to just return the Ryzen 5 2600 and the Corsair Ipx 3000 MHz Ram sticks than to take the time to fix this problem unless you have a spare AMD Ryzen system where we could take out parts and switch to find out which part is causing the problem. I would be willing to bet the problem resides with either the CPU, Motherboard or Ram. I have based my opinion on the fact that the motherboard thinks it doesn’t have a CPU or Ram in it.

I am sorry I don’t have any better news for you. I just had a thought if you have a Microcenter or GeekSqad in your area you could take your system to them and see if they could find which part is acting up. I know Microcenter will charge you $50 dollars to diagnose the problem plus labor and parts to fix. If it was me and I didn’t have access to another Ryzen system I would just return the parts for a complete refund I would even pay a 10 percent to restock fee depending on if the place I purchased it from was local.

I just had a brain fart, I bet the problem is you need to update your Bios system. A Ryzen 5 2600 will work on the X370 platform but you need to update the Bios first. Do your self a favor and return your X370 motherboard and replace it with an X470 or X450, and I am quite confident that will fix your problem.

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Yeah that might actually be a problem indeed.


Thank you I was also thinking that could be the issue but wasn’t 100% sure glad to see I wasn’t that far off in my thinking @Shadowbane @MisteryAngel

LMAO needs a uefi update. Not sure if the others posted this below I did not read yet but the problem is the 2600 is rolling on an x370 based mobo… Ive seen this before. Upgrade the bios first. Most have a way to do it with no CPU or return the motherboard and opt for a x470 variant designed for the current generation CPU

Edit: Never mind totally answered already

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Heimdallr good work caching Pitvapor real issue with his motherboard. I am wondering how could Pitvapor upgrade the UEFI/ Bios if Pitvapor can’t get the UEFI to show up on the monitor. The last time I built a desktop no motherboard would have had the ability to fix this issue. The only option would be to return or replace. Am I so out of touch with the way motherboard and Bios’s work, there is still a lot I need to learn? I guess there is.:laughing:

Well MSI and Gigabyte have notably allowed for dual bios setups and asus has always had its firmware update/restore via the USB plug on the back… storing the latest version and going through that process would update it without CPU but im not sure if its on this motherboard… and Im on my phone so I cant see shit nor go to their support website effectively. Wanna look it up for him?

Yes I have some time to look it up.

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@PitVapor It looks like the best option is to return the motherboard unless you are willing to pay a repair shop to upgrade the UEFI. There is another option if you purchase the motherboard from a MicroCenter or a Frys. I am basing this statement from the MSI Community Forum. X370 Sli Plus no display

@PhaseLockedLoop I thought you would like to know from the quick peek from MSI website and the manual for the motherboard does not have a dual bios setup and either was there any mention of being able to update the UEFI without a CPU.

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I dont think that Msi has this feature on their entry level boards.
So the only options are to go back to the shop ask for a bios update with a gen1 cpu.
Or pickup a X470 board.

Thank you for the help everyone! I have a friend who might have a older cpu I can use to update the Dios and uefi I will update everyone once it’s up and running and again thanks you all have a great community here!

@Shadowbane thanks for the update… wow that’s fucking retarded those features we’re standard at one point and I fucking loved them… that’s too bad

@PitVapor glad to know you have another way. Good luck. God speed. Let us know how it goes. Worst case scenario heed @MisteryAngel’s advice

Hello everyone because the mobo was messed up I had to return and get a new CPU shipped to my house I am returning the MOBO to MSI and they are fixing or sending me a new one I am however getting a X470 from Asus so if anyone wants my x370 let me know I will be letting it go cheap but it should be good to go once I get it back in hand!

Hi @PitVapor I see you had to replace both your motherboard and CPU or did you decide to have AMD send you their kit and still have your original CPU. I got a quick question for you, which X470 motherboard from ASUS did you go with, the reason I am asking is I am thinking of instead of getting an Asrock motherboard for my new build switching to an ASUS motherboard instead.

I decided to go all out and get the ASUS crosshair 7 it’s way overkill but everyone is raving about it being the best board on the market the one I was thinking about getting before was the ASUS ROG STRIX x470 F gaming those are two of the best boards on the market right now the strix is about $189 and the crosshair is about $250 both can run first and second Gen Ryzen cpu

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Thanks for answering my question, I am considering the ASUS crosshair Hero 7 WIFI, which is bashful the same motherboard you pick, except it has WIFI suport.

Well what can i say, its the board with the best bios basically.
And also the board with the best vrm implementation.
So yeah, you could kinda say that its the best X470 board.
But of course its not the best value for money board persee.
That reward we do have to give to Asrock for their X470 Tachi and Taichi Ultimate.

@PitVapor It has been about a week and a half since we last heard from you. Have you gotten your new motherboard and CPU yet? Have you gotten your build back together yet? I was wondering if you have gotten all your issues fixed yet.