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So basically, unless you need 10 cores, Ryzen is a better platform from an IO perspective than X299. Unless you go with PCIe NVMe cards, but that is extra cost.

This is super confusing, I assumed that the reason why there are 2-3 M.2 slots on the motherboards is that only one goes through the chipset for Kaby Lake-X. Also, does this also mean that VROC won't work with the M.2 slots that are on the board?

I need to confirm but I think m.2 through the CPU pcie lanes means even Intel irst driver features are a no go. Unless you have the vroc module. So you can use m.2 raid on chipset without vroc but just hilariously saturating the bandwidth if you are using more than one recent nvme drive

Dr. Strangelove still rocking an Xmas hat. Hope we get to see a groovy x399 build/review. I wonder how Intel feels about and using the same naming scheme.

For Kaby Lake-X, as far as I understand those don't have the iGPU at all, or are they just deactivated via BIOS and/or microcode? Technically they should be cheaper then the regular Kaby Lakes, but it wouldn't be Intel if they weren't more expensive :rolling_eyes:

The stupidest thing is that even QuickSync is disabled... now I'm not a fan of it anyway, but if you're going to stream it can come in handy especially with a 2-system streaming setup or something, because then the encoding quality doesn't matter as much when you can just stream 50mbit to your second machine. Doing direct live stream with 8 cores can get kind of hard depending on the game and it's nice to have quicksync there, but even that is disabled... so why. It's just ridiculous. Are those defective CPUs maybe where the iGPU didn't work and so they use it for a "new" product without iGPU to get higher yields? It's the only reason I could think of. Also cash-grab.

Hmm do i see Nikos PK632BA’s mosfets on the lo-side in the main vrm there?
Thats probablly the reason why its their entry level X299 board.