MSI x Ryzen, little help needed

Hey all :slight_smile: So long time ago i've been posting pics of my unfinished custom case, you might remember. i've came to actually finishing it and decided to give my old Abit NF7-S a new home in there. I milled a custom cpu block (mostly for fun and cause i couldn't find one that would fit the socket, i used an audi 100 heater core as the rad, just had to make some plugs so the fittings can screw into here. the panels on the board are magnet mounted, so toolless (the acrylic ones). The build also features the best goddamn ram sticks that you can get for that board, winbond bh-5 chipped kingstons, these guys turn on at 3,4V. The board is voltmodded, and Has a molex glued in there for measuring the VDD and Vdimm voltage, i have glued two voltmeters to a little piece of acrylic, making a neat display of the voltages on the frontpanel. here are some pics.

I watched recent level1news and i thought: Why not submit that to the retro amd pc thingy because this is pretty much the most classic amd platform (arguably), with a really good config, and looks decent i think. The only problem is that the site is so fiddly that i can't wrap my head around on how the hell do i enter that, and i got no facebook account. Any help on that? Cheers, having a beer atm:slight_smile:

Also here is a closeup of the molex plug and the pots for the voltmod. Oldschool overclockers will surely dig this :wink: