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I've been using sumatraPDF with a good bit of luck. I had to stop using Foxit, it got to be too much. I just want a simple pdf reader and it seems to fit the bill.

I understand that.

While I cannot encourage or even recommend buying nVidia any more. I do understand the us in some cases, but much like people moving away from windows to linux, I would hope to see a push from nVidia to AMD in the coming months. I Just cannot understand people recommending them any more with the outlined stuff above unless they are being given stuff or paid to review and even with that I would hope that like with all products they would come with a warning that it may be fast but it is just a horrible company to buy from.

Also sorry if anything sounded like an attack on anybody or Tek Syndicate. That was never the intention. Just wondering how this can even be viewed with a passing okayness. With all the other crap that gets brought up I would have expected nVidia to get the hot end of the poker over this but they are just waltzing by and nobody is any wiser to this crap.

Not calling foul. But definitely not confidant in the lack of attention this is getting.

I just hope Computex holds a more balanced future for GPUs. I would not like an AMD monopoly either but considering how far they are behind in terms of users a boost in coverage would be nice.

EDIT: I genuine worry about the future of what I enjoy as a pass time. I like games. I don't want to see it ruined by assholes, lack of information and misinformation.

Also sorry if I sounded like I had better options for laptops, I don't. I just loath to see something so wrong get a pass. And yes in the grand scheme this is nothing, but it matters to me and I would hope as gamers and hardware enthusiasts it would matter to you (plural as in all) too.

If only gnome just looked at that directory instead of home directories sometimes that would simplify things LOLS

oh noes not mah string of numbers!

I don't care for many of nvidia's practices, but I'm pragmatic. This laptop is good for the money and well really do what I need it to do. I'm not a fanboy of any company.

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I know.