MSI WS60 Laptop: What I'm Installing On Linux & Windows | Tek Syndicate

OS - Windows 7 Professional

CPU - Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ

CPU Speed - 2.5GHz to 3.4GHz w/ Turbo Boost

Chipset - Intel® HM87

Cache - 6MB

Color - Brush Aluminum Black

Screen Size - 15.6" Full HD eDP Wide View Angle

Resolution - 1920x1080 (16:9)

GPU - NVIDIA® Quadro® K2100M

Video Memory - 2GB GDDR5

Keyboard - SteelSeries Programmable Full Color Backlit

Audio - Sound Blaster Cinema 2

Speaker - Dynaudio Premium Speakers w/ Subwoofer

Memory - 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz

HDD Capacity - 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD (7200RPM)

HDD Interface - mSATA + SATA

LAN - Intel Gigabit Lan 10/100/1000

WLAN - Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

Bluetooth - Yes

Card Reader - SD (XC/HC)

Webcam - 1080p FHD

USB - USB 3.0 x 3

Thunderbolt - Yes


Video Port - HDMI 1.4 x 1, mDP x 1

Audio Port - Mic-in x 1, Headphone-out x 1

AC Power Adaptor - Output: 19V DC, 150W Input: 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz universal

Battery Pack - 6 Cell

Dimensions - 15.35" (L) x 10.47" (W) x 0.78" (H)

Weight - 4.36 lbs

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Nice machine! Looks pretty much exactly the same as my gs60 ghost pro. Just has a quadro card instead on the 970m. And this one has thunderbolt. Cool video !



You should try Clover 3, it adds tabs to your Windows Explorer.

Here is the developer description:

Clover is an extension of the Windows Explorer, to add multi-tab functionality similar to Google Chrome browser. After install Clover, you will be able to open multiple folders within the same window, and you can also add folder bookmarks.


I hope you like it.

If anyone has problems with windows search being too slow I recommend a program called: ''Everything'' it much faster than windows search. Here the link
I hope you like it.

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Ohhhhh......but my kingdom for 16 gb of RAM lol :(

I really tried to like Gnome 3 for the sake of having the most polish and support for my Debian install, but I just couldn't.
I could maybe live without a window list, but not without compact view in Nautilus. I cannot imagine what possible reason they could have had for removing it.
Now using Cinnamon. It's everything Gnome should have been. Mint is Ubuntu with Cinnamon. Maybe put it on a VM and try it out if you're really looking to get a lighter DE, Logan.

The MSI WS60 retails in Australia for around $4299 (or $3353US); we have a GST {goods & services tax} added to our retail price, with a $390 GST being added to the sale-price.

yea, i got a bit confused.

usr/share/themes & usr/share/icons have always been in /system for me.. then again I run mint. Even then, I also have Gnome3 installed on my Mint machine and the icons are still in the same place.

fyi i have KDE, Gnome3, Cinnamon, xfce as login options :P I like to play around too much to just use one DE at once

yea thought so.

Also wonder why given where he is going that they didn’t tick LUKS/LVM for encrypted boot ? Unless they have and it just wasn’t mentioned.

I was using canned air to blow out the innards of my HP laptop on two separate occasions. As you know the when the canned air gets cold and doesn't blow hard it needs to warm and shaken (not stirred). I unfortunately grabbed my beer and shook it spilling beer all over the laptop. It promptly went in the kitchen sink to soak (without out battery).
It survived. The power plug eventually wore out. I miss that that HP.

NVidia and not user upgradeable laptop.

This does not feel like Tek Syndicate. What happened to openness for hardware and software.

Thanks for posting this video, I have just installed Win 8.1 for the first time and tried the Powershell command.
I got the exact same "Access is Denied" response that Logan got, I've never used Powershell before and don't have Pro version of windows.
Any help to run this command properly would be great :-)

Not sure what you're talking about.
Nvidia has way better Linux drivers than AMD and their GPUs are more power efficient which matters a lot in a laptop.
And the WS60 has upgradeable RAM, storage and wireless module. Sure the RAM is hard to get to and the battery isn't easily swappable, but it's not glued in/soldered on either.

The ability to carry a decent spec laptop that doesn't feel like you're torturing your spine. Plus, it's a laptop; you're not going to be swapping out the graphics card or motherboard to upgrade it.

I've sorted my tiles problem.
I ran the powershell as administrator, then typed this command which works for just a single user.
Get-AppXPackage | Remove-AppxPackage

Thanks for letting me know it was possible.

Never said anything about the drivers.

What I am getting at is that Logan and Tek Syndicate as a whole dislike when companies do things to intentionally harm customers and actively berate them for it. Yet here we are again with Logan using or promoting tech that goes against his own ideals.

Yes you can upgrade it but not easily at all so much so that someone who enjoys tinkering with hardware was scared off by the prospect. And again see above why this seems unlike Tek Syndicate in my eyes.

Power efficiency does matter sure but as any one who has ever been to a convention of any kind will tell you no laptop will do anything useful on their own battery, especially video editing where you are not concerned with battery life but rendering speed. So battery is a moot point as this will be plugged in at near all times. And not used on the shiw floor at all so again no need for super efficient battery usage. And for this OpenCL is also better than CUDA for the work they are doing and Logan has stated as much him self. So this is a contradiction in all fronts.

@takaharu I never mentioned weight? And nor was I talking about upgrading the GPU or Motherboard, but I was not exactly specific about that, although I would have figured it would be easy to extrapolate from the contents of the video.

It is just funny and hypocritical to have someone every episode extol the horrors of companies bad practices and the continue to willingly support and promote the exact practices the are against.

That is all I am getting at.

Huh.. this one has flown completely over my head. Can you do a couple of things: Can you enumerate what exactly has been done here to harm people who might buy this? Can you suggest a laptop with comparable horsepower that is "teksyndicate worthy" in your eyes?

I'm just thinking about this laptop review vs.. say.. the UX32VD where.. half the ram is soldered in. And the 32gb SSD was non-removable (but it did have a 2.5" bay that was difficult to get at) I mean, the "norm" these days seems to be that everything is soldered where this one is not like that. Heck, even the surface pro 3 could have put a msata door behind the kickflap but they didn't (the bastards). I didnt rail Microsoft too hard over that in the SP3 review except to say that while it is physically upgradable the ssd, it would be impossible to actually do so.

And power efficiency isn't necessarily about power efficiency in a laptop.. it's about heat generated. Personally, I wish that both AMD and Nvidia did stuff differently wrt open source; both have a lot of room to improve there. However, can you pull the numbers on gpu horsepower vs thermal design power in mobile GPUs and see how that stacks up? Just because we have unlimited power from the wall doesn't necessarily mean that a thin but powerful laptop can dump the heat into the environment fast enough for either option.

Genuinely curious; I'm having a hard time understanding what you might be talking about and you must have some other "workstation" laptop you're interested in us taking a look at?

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I will look into the laptops as I am not readily knowledgeable in them, I don't buy them so I don't keep up with availability and spec.

The nVidia side of it though.

I am and AMD user, but at this stage nVidia have become so bad that even I am annoyed over what they are doing. The 700 series looks to be being actively slowed down and held back to further push the 900 series sales. A prime example of this is two made for nVidia games, Witcher 3 and Project CARS. In both these games results have returned the 960 slightly outpacing the 780, the 780 is normally on average 34% faster than the 960 (adjustable quality benchmark graphs at the bottom). While I will not out right say this intended, there is little to say other wise and nVidia silencing people on their own forums when ever it is brought up does not help the case.

Even their own users agree but accept that the Kepler GPUs are being held back to further sell 900 series GPUs.

The was a post from a representative of nVidia on the forums stating they had found a bug in the 700 series. But it would have to be one hell of a bug two slow a 780 down by 34% and this goes by degrees for all 700 series cards. They are all much slower than they should be.

There is also reoccurring "regression" in the mobile drivers that disables overclocking. It was caught the first time and the outrage got it re instated, it appeared again a few weeks back and this time it was labelled a regression and fixed again but they will not say why it keeps happening, to all the users and outside observers it appears to be an intentional locking of features. Especially considering that the mobile chips are largely not all different but just clocked high or lower and given a different model number. Like the 745M to 750M or 760M, you can effectively over clock the 745M up to the 750 or 760 if cooling allows.

There was the well known 970s with 3.5GB of Vram and other hardware reductions that were "unnoticed" for 4 months until the community called them out on it. First lying, then covering it up and finally passing the blame to marketing as they were the ones to write the spec sheet. To this date theer still has been no official recourse or apologise. Only this from the CEO no less.

Unfortunately, we failed to communicate this internally to our marketing team, and externally to reviewers at launch…

Instead of being excited that we invented a way to increase memory of the GTX 970 from 3GB to 4GB, some were disappointed that we didn’t better describe the segmented nature of the architecture for that last 1GB of memory.

That is rude to begin with but it looked like an isolated incident so people let it slide. But what it effectively did was force people who needed 4GB of VRAM to buy a 980. A significantly more expensive card.

Add to this that Witcher 3 and Project CARS require a TITAN X to run at 60fps (benchmarks) at 1080p at near max and it looks more and more like nVidia are forcing people into spend far more money than they need to. It all stacks up to look deliberate.

Then we have Gameworks, more or less the root cause of all of this but the drivers are also to blame. There is no justification for Gameworks. Developer aligned with nVidia have come out and said that Physx/Gameworks is a blackbox, nVidia continues to say this is a lie and Physx/Gameworks is not a balckbox. So now you have the community saying nVidia is lying, the competition saying nVidia is lying and their own aligned developers saying nVidia is lying.

There are also risks associated with this middleware approach, such as crashes occurring in, what is to us, a blackbox. Our programmers often cannot trace what has caused a crash when it happens in these libraries. We then try to debug with the engineers at NVIDIA, which can result in: us implementing a work-around on our side, them updating the libraries, or the issue not being solvable for a while.

Not going to put word in mouths but to me nVidia is lying to everyone, barefaced. I care not for any counter argument to this any more. When Gameworks is negatively effecting their own cards there is no justification for it.

On the driver front, users have found that reverting to the 350.XX drivers improves performance on the 700 series over the latest 352.XX drivers. Particularly with one user who found that after the downgrade his single 780 was performing better than his SLi 780s with the newer driver. I am not so quick to lash out at this as I have been on the receiving end of bad drivers before and I know it can be an honest mistake, but with everything else in mind I cannot help but feel that it is in some way intentional. Original reddit thread amassing the information on the overall downgrade of the 700 series

There is also the matter of G-Sync, which looks more and more like an implementation of Adaptive Sync but on a proprietary hardware module with some ram to make it smoother. And of course nVidia licence the hardware and drive up the price of monitors while simultaneously locking you further into their platform.

And nVidia GameStream which is tied to ShadowPlay and always running as a consequence. GameStream whether you have an nVidia Shield tablet is always running in the background using up some RAM and CPU time. This I can confirm as it was again slowing my friends load times on TF2. TF2 is sufficiently old enough to be able to strong arm with power yet still nVidia own tech was hindering performance. Disabling the streaming service also disables ShadowPlay. This could be looked at as an error but again with mounting issues it looks more and more like it is on purpose. There is zero need to have this running all the time in the background, it should be a user option. But here is nVidia again forcing its borderline malware on people.

With all that in mind how can any person who stands for any sort of balance, freedom of choice or just plain hardware enthusiast what to support anything to do with nVidia.

When they were attacking AMD that is one thing. Even if it was verging on unfair competition most users knew what to expect. but this is beyond justifiable.

NVidia enjoy a monopoly, One which we the gamers and reviewers put them in by backing them up and buying their products. They have no abused this position of trust and stabbed everyone in the back. How is that right?

That is why I am against all thing nVidia now. Before I did not like them, now it is outright wrong for anyone with any sort of respect for PC gaming to be seen supporting such practices in my eyes.

All of this is unconfirmed or denied officially and some speculation on my half but the numbers and user experience is backing it up more and more. Either it is the greatest case of a GPU vendor mishandling their software of it is intentional. Either way they are in no rush to fix it and so far are only making it worse with every game, blackbox Gameworks DLL and driver update.

This does not effect my views on Tek Syndicate as a whole but it does lower my confidence in the reporting when I see nVidia being supported and recommended.

I will look into other laptops now.

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While I agree NVIDIA has been doing some crap stuff lately, they do have the best hybrid drivers for laptops. Sometimes convenience wins.

I am a Linux user and have a gs60 because it met the power, hardware and wright specs I wanted at a reasonable price.

Comprises happened when your need stuff for work