MSI vs Sapphire

Hello there gentlemen. I have found the MSI Twin Frozr 7950, Sapphire 7950 (OC) for 315 and 300US dollars respectively. I have never used video cards from any of these manufacturers but I basically want to know, which one is quieter while under load, and which one can overclock better. The core clocks are 860 for the MSI card and 900 for the Sapphire card, I'll definitely be ocing this maybe to 1 Ghz.


The Sapphire cards to look tempting, but the MSI twin frozr tech is really nice. MSI I say, and totally OC it. 

I really like the MSI cards look and I saw some unboxings and dat packaging doe. I've heard not to OC the core clock over 1100 Mhz but I'll look around and see what's stable.