MSI Twin Frozr III 7850 2GB OC Edition

I am selling to upgrade to a 7950. Although being the OC Edition, this card is no longer being run at stock clocks, I took it from the stock 900MHz all the way up to 1180MHz (gotta love the overclocking on these cards, BTW I'm using MSI Afterburner) before encountering instability. I have never seen any artifacting, nor does this card have any coil whine. Even with my case's poor airflow, the Twin Frozr cooler keeps this beast under 65 C even at full load. Typical temps while gaming (BF3) are around 55 C. In short this card has NEVER been run hot. Very quiet card as well, compared to my friend's Sapphire 7870 XT this thing is silent. I still have the original box with all accessories as well. I bought it in August with the rest of my build so it is almost a year old. 

I am asking $155 shipped as my starting price. The cheapest retail 7850 is $169 (excluding sales), and thats for a 1GB version. Honestly I think $155 is a good deal. 

P.S. I just remembered about the pictures, it's late and I don't want to open up my case etc. Will post pics in the morning. If no one is interested here by tomorrow night I am putting the card on eBay, after that I can't guarantee that you will get it or for what price.

Here are the pictures.

At least one picture must have the date and your TekSyndicate username next to the product itself.

Ok, give me a minute.

Picture with name and date.

Bump? Last chance before it goes on eBay.

NOOOO... Let me consider it first. I gotta count my monies lol.

It's on eBay :( there's a buy it now for 160 though.

Well, crap. Good luck with your sale. 

If it doesn't sell I'll email you through the site. Would you still be interested?

Auction is starting at $120. Here's the link so you can bid if you like.

Yeah, but I doubt I'll see it after it hits ebay lol.

Welp! It sold on eBay today for $123.50. Guy ended up stealing it from me lol (;

oh well time for that 7950!