MSI Radeon HD7970 Lightning (is it worth the extrah buck?)

MSI Radeon HD7970 Lightning, is it worth paying over 500 for this or should i spend the same amount to get a 7870 CF or sell out and grab a GTX 670...?

I do play a lot of heavy duty games (bf3 and friends) and a lot of video editing/rendering.

I only play games on single monitor 1920x1080 and don’t plan on going multi.


Cheers <3


(please don’t be a dick and link a google search, I’ve searched this shit and the verdicts do point to 7870 cf being better but only for now! :P I’m just looking for genuine opinions ;D) 


get a different brand, sapphire has good 7970s, but the 7970 has better performance than the 7870, uless you xfire the 7870

or His iceq 7870 or 7970 either 1 will do