MSI radeon 7970 Lightning?

My parents offered me an early birthday present which was the graphics card I wanted. I looked at the 7970 Lightning , what are your takes on this? 

It's a pretty amazing graphics card, and it should overclock pretty well too. The only real way to get better performance right now is to either use a GTX 780 or GTX Titan (or a dual GPU card of course). It should overclock pretty well too.

Oh well. I've gone for the 7970 Lightning , should be getting it on tuesday.. cannot wait :D


That thing is like my dream card, at least it has been since I got my Twin Frozr 7870.

A top-bin, high end GPU under a top-end cooler with next to no limit on overclocking, all at a reasonable price. If I had 500 bucks that I had to spend right now, that's what I'd buy, no question.

the card is a beast, it's destroyed everything i've ran with it. i'm using the msi lightning r7970 ghz edition. also, amd catalyst drivers are finally working the way that they should for me.