MSI R9 390 (not X) vs Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming?

I have stumbled in PCPartPicker for my 1,000 dollar PC build, which shall I purchase?

Pointless but if you are curious:

when are you wanting it completed by?

they perform about the same, however, Nvida can't get their shit together with Windows 10 and the 970 only has a usable 3.5gb buffer whereas the 390 has 8gb. on the flip side the 970 overclocks much better and would edge out the 390 if you went balls to the walls overclocking. personally i'd go with the 390 mostly because a 3.5gb frame buffer won't be enough to run high settings on new titles in a year or two.


ill start in a couple of months maybe sooner

wait until skylake etc comes then before setting urself on this build.... prices will change especially in a few months over holidays too :)

I would wait for skylake,

In terms of the gpu, I would go for the R9 390 8gb

what is skylake?

whats skylake?

new processor variation being released soon....

ok thanks