MSI r9 290 Gaming Broken Fan. Advice on Solutions

Hey Guys,

Long time lurker here, and I owe most of my tech knowledge to the Tek Syndicate Community.

As stated in the title, one of the fins on my gpu fan broke off during a gaming session, and the rattling and noise is getting unbearable. I also am concerned about damaging the pci slot on my motherboard due to the vibration. I really like this card because I only game at 1080p and really am not looking to upgrade (YET).

I want to have a lot cooler gpu temps, along with a quieter overall gaming experience, and I have found the NZXT Kraken g10 and the Arctic Accelero Extreme 4 to be two options, but I am torn. I am kind of leaning towards the g10 just because I like the radiator aspect, but would appreciate any input before I impulse buy one of these two.

Here is my pc specs:

Thanks again and you guys rock

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how long have you had the gpu? is the msi warranty still good? if so this is something they'll fix for you for free.

i've litterally had more broken gpu fans than i've had gpus so i'm pretty experienced fixing them at this point... just use some gorilla glue it works great. If you want a more serious bond you could get some plastic epoxy. Just don't apply it too excessively or you'll throw the fan out of whack. If you could take some pictures I could give more specific suggestions on how to go about the repair.

You could just spend a little more and get new fans, personally i'm a cheap ass though and prefer just to fix them.

for an exact match on fans there should be an ID on the back of the fan you can reference and search,

The Accelero Ext. 4 is the "serious" option. The "mc guyver" option is geting quality plastic cement like this and glueing the blade back on.
Important note: That glue is corrosive. Make sure it does not drip on the PCB as that will most likely kill something. Use in small quantities only.

I had to add to the fans on my old GTX 465. The blower cooler did not work well and the GPU would constantly over heat and crash at 80C. I screwed a 90mm fan over the squirrel cage fan and it worked to keep the temps under control.

Alternatively I broke a case fan blade so I broke off 2 more blades to keep it balanced. I don't think I lost much cooling.

I've owned two of those cards and 2 XFX 290x s.
Accelero doesn't sound like a bad option, I almost vought it at one point.

I wouldn't go kraken if I were you, I found that both mu MSI and XFX 290x VRMs tend to run very hot (one XFX card so much so that it burst into flames one day)

And I'm pretty sure NZXT's Kraken doesn't cool the VRMs all that efficiently.

Another option you've got is to strap on a couple of these fans, There's also adapter's made so it can run off the GPU's board connector if you want. Your GPU will still be the same height. (full disclosure, I'm selling some on ebay ATM.)

Zip tie a high pressure 120mm fan to it

Thanks for all the quick responses!

I really liked the jerry rig ideas and took the card out yesterday to try out some possible ideas but i decided against it cuz im a little

I think i might go with the fans @SoulFallen mentioned and just be boring and safe. Plus, @Cap_Mandrake said something about a card catching fire so the g10 gets a definite NOPE.

I also decided I can't put too much more money into the card cuz i figured out a pci slot on my motherboard died last night! yay :(

once again thanks guys

you sure? could be a driver issue as that's a common misdiagnosis.. use this program, select the safe mode option, uninstall AMD and reinstall
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