MSI or ASRock?

So im planning on buying a i5 3570K and need a new mobo for it since atm i have a AMD build. Which board shoud i go with?


I don't know what one you are looking but yeah. I never go with ASRock but in this case I would have to. More options for less money. Really any mobo would do you good if you were not going to overclock and not going to be doing anything crazy.

yea id go with the asrock they get alot of hate and ive never understood why i have one myself there great solid boards

Im gonna have to say go with the MSI, MSI are great and that one has some features.

Jump up to an MSI Z77A-G43 or 45. I've got a G45 in my 3770k build, absolutely love it. Worked straight out of the box, and has a solid build. I strongly reccommend the MSI.

Look up Asus as well op. Their are other brands out there besides asrock and msi. I got a Asus P8Z77-VLK motherboard with a i5 3570k just booted it up this morning and installed win7 so far everything is running. smmoth and its a great budget board for $134. 

Thanks for all the suggestions guys, im going to look into all of them more

i also say MSI. get the G45. so one day you can do SLI or Xfire, its only $15 more lol

What is your current AMD build? Let's make sure that you are actually achieving much of an upgrade first...

AMD Athlon II X4 640 and ASUS M4A88T-M.


An upgrade indeed! Yeah, go ahead and research boards :)

Haha, i thought so too, Thanks!

whats youre plan ? im not getting it clear.. you want to upgrade to an intel i5 system ?

those 2 boards you listed, i would say the msi .

Yea im changing my build from an AMD to an Intel with the MSI board and the I5