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MSI, NZXT, ASUS, and Seasonic @ Computex 2019 | Level One Techs


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Seasonic looks exciting :slight_smile: … Ive always loved what they do. Ive torn some of their power supplies apart… they are top notch… 800 watts in SFX wow

Mini DTX thats new. I need to read up



I’m really disappointed with NZXT… As of the last few years I don’t quite like any of their stuff. Maybe it’s because H440 was one of my favourite cases of its time and since then they haven’t really made anything I personally love as much… Kinda like Fractal Design.
At least NZXT uses Seasonic to manufacture their PSUs…

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They kind of went down hill for a bit as do most things. I think they need to break out again and create some unique looking stuff

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I love my Phantom 410, but NZXT feels like its joining the apple pride bandwagon (along with the likes of corsair and razer etc) where they charge too much for basic quality or unnecessary features.

my money is now on phanteks as they just got some solid options for many price points.