Msi mobo help

what is differance between MSI Z77A-GD55 and MSI Z77A-GD65?

worth giving 40€(53,88$) more for GD65?

Not a gigantic difference from what I can see besides that one has 3 PCIE 3.0 slots and the other has 2 PCIE 3.0 slots and a 2.0 slot

GD65 has a heatpipe and will achieve better cooling along the mosfets (but not by a whole lot) and in theory should lead to a better, much more stable overclock as well as two additional SATA III 6gbs ports.

(totally off topic but the pcb is brown not black, if your a big "everything must match" fan.

I have no problems with color :D

just wanted to know if it was worth giving more money for the GD65