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Nice board only a bit expensive for it’s feature set imo.

Feature wise this board is pretty much identical to the Asus X570-E Strix.
The vrm implementations are also pretty similar as well.
But the Asus X570-E strix is like €100,- cheaper,
only thing its lacking is the ps2 combo port and a third m.2 slot.
But that aint worth a €100,- price premium imo.

So yeah this Msi X570 ACE board is a nice board.
But simply way too expensive imo.

Not sure how the situation is in regards to US pricing.
But in the EU non of the Msi X570 boards are really interesting mainly because of pricing.
So yeah i have a pretty hard time to recommend any of their X570 boards really.
This even counts for their midrange lineup of boards.
Because those have a pretty lack luster vrm implementation in comparison to the competition.