MSI Laptop

What laptop did the very generous people at MSI hook you guys up with?

I'm not sure yet. I do know they are loaning us a Haswell laptop, but I think that needs to go back to them. I really want to try one of the AMD laptops with the 8970 graphics cards. Maybe we will get one to play with. They are just really good for the money. 

Can you do any benches, temperature and performance, on the mobile haswell? I'm curious

Compare 8970m to 770m 680m and 780m in games.

All the bad reviews for G60/G70 I see are of people trying to run very gpu intensive games on high/ultra and then placing an RMA as if they expect a laptop to perform as/better than a desktop. 

Arn't the HD8790Ms just HD7970Ms with a tiny clock bump to the boost clock? I don't think that'll make any real world performance different from laptops using HD7970M's.

lol, some people just don't know.


Searched around for gaming with 8970Ms and got this

I l(d)mao so hard that a tear almost came out of my eye.

For the price you pay for them even the one with the AMD processor and 8970, it is a better deal to get a custom one.
The AMD processor is awful don't get it.
I live in England, the price of the cheapest one is 1000 pounds, with 1200 pounds you can get a way better laptop from PC Specialists with a 780m, and for 1300 you can get a crossfire 2 x 8970 4gb.
Also they use the 2GB 8970M version, custom laptops dealers use the 4GB one.
I had a lot of issues with MSi, mainly with their Mpower MAX mobo, that board came with a stupid issue and burned down my CPU and corsair H100i.