MSI HD7770 Crash

So when i overclock my HD7770 its runs fine on benchmarking apps and dirt 3 and couple other games but most games will make the card crash after 5 min of play but they run fine on stock speeds 

Please whats going on someone help

Post system info and card info (Clocks/Temps)

Sounds like a voltage problem, providing you have sufficient cooling. Is this a reference clocked 7770 or a pre-overclocked card? With the new 12.11 Beta 8 drivers from AMD you'll be able to get a 5-15% increase in performance. That's like a maxed out overclock in itself. So consider downloading and installing those drivers frist.

Just an FYI uninstall catylist control center first before install the new drivers or it won't work.  

Don't overvolt though. If you're BSODing or seeing any instability, make sure you are keeping track of the temps. Anything over 70C I do not like. I have the Asus Direct CU II 7870. Honestly, I put the fan speeds to max to avoid going over the 65C threshold. If you want your card to reliably game for hours you want to stay as frosty as possible. It's cheap to replace a fan. It's not as cheap to replace a GPU. Your card should shut off i the fan ever malfunctions. I would just chill the fuck out of it with all fans on 100% and see if you get a crash again. 

yea i have a 7770 i overclocked it 1113mhz gpu clock memory 1300mgz crashed cuz it got too got i have the fan's 100% and riged a 140mm fame blowing on both cards runs way better now 56c full load