Currently in the middle of building my first gaming rig.

Part picker here.

As it stands im going for two HD7970's.

But i did some thorough research on the competitor NVidia and found a Cheaper solution the Geforce GTX660TI.

I've looked high and low for bench marks on the two cards, and have reached a conclusion that they are both the same in terms of performance.

The only other difference aside from the manufacture is the orice. Now the price between the two isn't a $50-$70 difference, It's a $110 difference.

Geforce GTX660TI-$300USD(as of 05/05/13)

HD7970-$410USD(as of 05/05/13)

Keep in mind, I will be running a dual car set up and will eventually run a quad card config.

By no means am i trying to cheap out on my system, but my question is: Is It worth the $110 more for the 7970 if i do decide to down this route?


Go for the 7970, it will last you longer and give you the better bang for your buck.

Plus it Overclocks better and comes with 3 free Games


a 7970 will out perform a 660Ti in everyway in gaming,

A 7970 will not only outperform a 660ti in every single gaming situation, but every single editing situation, and every single gaming situation. The MSI Twin Frozr coolers are great; should handle a 1200mHz GPU core OC, and pull around 512Mhash/s when mining. GET THE 7970.

The 7970 will always outperform the 660 Ti.  Just look at the price for one thing.  $300 vs $400.  The 660 Ti will be better at editing in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, so it's good for that.  However, if you're will to shell $400 at a video card and want the Nvidia option, go for the 670.  Otherwise stick with a 7970.