Msi gtx660 twin frozr 3

Hi everyone, can somebody recommend a fan to change in this graphic card (or a heatsink that is not more than half of what the card costs)  ,i tried asking the store where i usually buy everything but the guy just said to me to buy a freaking new heatsink (83 euros) ,and i m not made of money so i came here for some opinions thanks in advance for any help.

Is your warranty expired?


Yes, but i overclocked it a bit and its void now ,cant i just put 2 80 mm fans on it ??if i take the plug out of the fans in the graphics card and plug it in the motherboard will it work just the same or is it like motherboards that don't work without cpu fan ?( i just don't want to buy the fans and then find out it does not work ).

Theoretically, yes but it will take some work on your part. But there are cheap solutions, like this one here:

That's more reasonable but newegg does not send to portugal , it's a problem here to get good material the taxes and some of the retailers are crazyyy, here for the one that you suggest they ask for 80 euros thanks anyway for your help Giulianno.