MSI GTX 760 gb?

Hey guys I was wondering if this card was worth buying, its a 4gb MSI GTX 760.

On an Australia PC site,, it is listed as $379 $10 cheaper than the 280x that i intended on buying. Most reviews that are shown up are actually 770 reviews or the MSI GTX 760 2gb version, that or I cant search for shit.

thanks, Luke

280x is the much higher performing card, and a much more complete solution. The 280x has 3Gb of Vram which is very appropriate and balanced. The 760 isn't powerful enough, and doesn't have a large enough bus width to use 4GB.

If you want to go with Nvidia, I would suggest looking at the 770.

Thanks for the reply I just wasn't too sure what to do, one of my friends had a 760 and said it was great so I was thinking of getting that or the 280x, I will now most likely get the 280x


760 is a good card, but if you can afford the 280x, it is the much higher performing card. Great for mods and other capabilities like editing.

The 760 should definitely fit your needs for now. The 280x is a modest bump in performance, but I would honestly wait a generation or two before upgrading. You'll find that the next generation 20 nm designs will greatly outperform whatever you want to buy today at the $300 mark. Think GTX 780 levels for $300 (or less). Though this is all speculation from previous trends; it's likely to happen however.

If you're adamant on upgrading now, however, avoid the 280x. It's largely out of stock because of bitcoin miners (*shakes fist*) and websites are raising the price by $80 to $100. Go for the GTX 770; it performs as good if not better than the 280x in most games and is only $30 above the stock price of the 280x. 

I just got my GTX 760 2GB and it is a really solid card. If you are gaming at 1080p it will handle whatever you can throw at it without a hiccup.

Given that the majority of games are going to be optimized for the new generation of consoles, I'm not convinced anyone needs anything more than a mid-high level card.

If you are gaming at higher than 1080p, then something more powerful might be worth the extra investment.