Msi gtx 760 Gaming mode problem

i have a gtx 760 msi gaming
and it comes with a programm
and i when i switch it to gaming mode my pc crashes
could it be the ram?
i have windows 8

With what you've mentioned thus far it could be anything, so to start we'll need your PC specs and more info on when this issue started, what you have done etc.

Does it crash if you dont use the MSI gaming app? If so just dont use it. I have literally the same card as you and i can attest that gaming mode/OC mode makes no noticeable difference in game. 

My specs are:

Asrock z97m Pro4

Intel i5 4670

Msi gtx 760

Cooler Master Evo

Avexir 2x4 gb

cx 600m power supply

Seagate barracuda 1tb


It actually has no problem topping out game right now but it just changes the resolution like 5 times then it crashes it could be my screen because i have a really AOK screen gonna change it pretty soon though

  1. uninstall msi utility
  2. reinstall drivers (advanced>clean install)
  3. dont reinstall msi utility
  4. re-test