MSI GTX 670 Power Edition 1440p?

Hello, all! 

I have a MSI GTX 670 Power Edition running at stock clock (will OC help?). I have loved the card to death so far, no FPS problems at all (except Crysis 3 with MSAA 8x, lol). Even TES V with over 100 mods runs smooth as butter even at ultra.

My question is, I was thinking about picking up a 1440p monitor (Like the X-star or Shymian (spelling?) that Logan has been reviewing recently). Will my GPU be able to handle that resolution in game? I would still like to play games like MLL and BF3 and TES V and so on at max settings (even if I have to turn down the AA some).

I really want to break into the 1440p world, but don't want to spend the cash if I will only run at around 20-30 FPS...(VRAM wall D:)

Current monitor:  Cheepo Acer 1080p

Thank you for any and all input in advance!!


First I'm no expert, just wanted to point that out. You should be fine for 1440p. You just may have to tone some settings down. Gaming at that high of a res puts a big emphasis on bus size and VRAM amount. That's why in some of the videos logan explains that the radeon hd cards tend to perform better at resolutions higher than 1080p. I would think that your card would still perform well but as I mentioned, you would probably have to turn down some of the settings and filters. Hopes this helps. :)


PS: I was thinking about trying to get into the 1440p world also. I'm just trying to figure out if it'll be worth the investment right now or if I should hold out. x-D

me too...i waiting for the right monitor. seeing all are out of my price range at the moment. hopefully price goes down since 4k it the next big thing you kno.


my 7950 with its sexy 3gb is dying for 1440p to spread its wings

If you OC some that 670 out performs a stock 680 so I think you will be fine at 1440p just keep the AA down a little to help with frame rate.  (you really should not need AA that much any way with higher pixel density)

sorry, ill contribute.

you no need to worry sir. its capable of doing 1440p just fine. you just not going to do ultra on everything..more of medium to high setting to get that butter smooth 60fps

but still capable...i say go for it your pocket can handle it. its not a bad move.

you can always upgrade and go 2 way sli in the future, which fixes the frame problem..but not the vram problem.


hmm...i say sell ur card in the coming year and upgrade for better card with better memory. but thats another story.


as of now..its not a entirely negative move...has grater positives, sinc when your not gameing you using it for other stoof. and the extra realestate does come in handy for enjoyment and productivity.


If I was to sell the 670, what Nvidia card would you say I should replace it with? I like AMD's price to performance ratio, but I like Nvidia more.

Call me a fanboy if you want, but if I'm gonna drop 400-500 dollars, I'm gonna buy what I like.


770? SLI 670?? 

Probably dual 760's, but your best bet would be dual 7950's. You can grab 2 for under $500 and should be able to play most games maxed out.

no fan boy. just more of personal preference. :) just like everyone has an opinion.

i think you be able to play any game at ultra. since two 7950 do much better than a titan and 780. 15-20% better

cale the king-

thats really dumb what you just said. if your gong to go with nvidia..then why the hell are you asking people opinion? 


if your going to spend 400-500. then look at whichever nvidia card falls in those lines and get the one with the higher #. which is the 770. or the two 760

if you also need direction b your life...newegg has your answers.

I want people's opinions because there are a LOT of Nvidia options that could cost 400-500 dollars. I could get 4 650ti's! (probably not even possible but whatever). There are tons of options, with tons of pros and cons, and I wanted other viewpoints on the topic. I would like to gather some more knowledge before I drop 500 on another gpu(s), ya know?

P.S. If you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, then why comment? THAT is really dumb. cutting people down is not what this forum is for.