MSI GTX 660Ti PE Overclocking

Hey Everyone,

I was just looking at Linus' results for overclocking his 660 Ti PE, I know that no two graphics cards are the same but I am getting NOWHERE near his results, I'm talking FC3 crashes with a 20MHz OC. I'm using MSI afterburner to OC. Any suggestions?

My System:

 AMD Phenom II X6 1090T OC at 4.0 Ghz

ASROCK 990FX Extreme 9 Motherboard

16 GB Kingston HyperX Black Edition 1600mhz memory


120 GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD

2 TB Western Digital Caviar Green HDD

Corsair TX750 Power Supply

OS: Windows 8 PRO

Thanks for the help!

Make sure you have the latest drivers and the latest version of afterburner.  Make sure your cpu is rock soild stable like 24hour prime test or somthing becuase that can casue crashes and low fps.  Also in cpu bound games the 3960x linus uses is much more powerful then your 1090t so you would in turn get lower fps.  Other then that idk about the 660ti I don't have one my self but when my freind got his hd7770 he had the same problem on the early drivers.

sweet, we have some of the same stuff. list what driver you are using. i have over clocked my 660 Ti PE a little bit, and i am seeing 20FPS gains. i am using Afterburner version 2.2.3, it allows for some more overclocking than the other versions. hope my settings help.

core voltage @ +100,core clock @ +115,Memory @ +572,Fan speed @ auto 

My set up

i5 3570k

Msi - z77 board

msi - 660 ti pe

Kingston hyper x 16 GB 1600MHZ

Thermaltake 850w

Crucial SSD 128 GB


I am using the latest NVidia Beta Driver, but I will be reformatting soon, 314.14