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MSI GS63VR Graphics Issues


So I’ve just been trying to get it to work now. I did what a lot of people said and foolishly did a bios update… It was fine prior, and now I can’t roll back.

So in W10 and W8.1 the system would freeze from the nvidia driver. In linux the system freezes if the DE has any relation to gnome at all.

I honestly think the bios update fucked my laptop and now I can’t fix it. If anyone can help with this I’m not really sure what to even do anymore. The system now randomly crashes after I touch the 1060 and make it do something. If I don’t touch it the system is completely fine.

If the 1060 gets any load at all the fans slowly ramp up to 100% and then it artifacts, bluescreens / freezes, then shuts itself off.

Prior to that bios update, it was fine. I looked up about the update and didn’t find too much bad…

Well… Now I wish I looked more.

Edit: ATM I’m trying older drivers. I’ll let you guys know but ATM I think its a bios and system management control issue.

Edit 2: Driver swap, no change.

Windows 8.1halts, crashes, and other nonesuch

Can I get a bump?


What model year is it. It seems from a small google search there are three model years that use the same name.


6RF, so 2016.

Sorry about that.


Sounds like a defective machine. Have you tried requesting RMA?


Heres the thing. Prior to a bios update it was fine. After that update its tard trash.


Its possible that the bios update exposed a preexisting issue, or that MSI (like all firmware developers) sucks at writing firmware. I would at least try to RMA it in either case.