Msi g46 bios problem

hello i recently build my self a new gaming pc with the msi g46 motherboard when i enter the bios after booting my pc up it seems as if  the bios is really really glitchy im thinking i need a bios update because im using the v1.9 and the newest is v1.11 can anyone help me and or walk me through on how to update my bios thanks!

It's been a long since a have updated an MSI motherboard BIOS (like 2003-2005) but here's a guide from MSI

1. Make sure that you use a flash file that is compatible with your motherboard, for example you do not use a bios made for a Asus P9X79 Deluxe to flash a PX79Pro

2. It's a good practice to check the release notes of the new BIOS and look if it resolves any issues that you're having right now, if it's not broken don't fix it