MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 Richland Issue

So, this will be my first PC build and I've placed an order in for parts based off of Tek's $350 PC Build December 6th 2013 Video. After the parts shipped, I began doing some digging on the A10 6800k.

I discovered a problem with the MSI E35 Motherboard's BIOS, where you cannot update the BIOS to be compatible with a Richland APU and you have to use a Trinity APU to make it compatible.

Now, I'm a goodie-goodie about not abusing webstore services to buy a Trinity APU, update the BIOS and return the Trinity APU afterwards. With that in mind, I'm going to be replacing the MSI MoBo for a Gigabyte FM2+, which will add time due to shipping.


So I'm curious, all of these cases I've read about this issue have been from earlier in 2013, and I'm not seeing any further posts about this issue in the latter-half of 2013. MSI's website recommends using a Trinity APU to update the BIOS for Richland use, so I'm rather curious and confused: Is this issue still ongoing? Is there a new way of fixing it without a Trinity APU? Should I just throw the F-bomb in and get the Gigabyte for future-proof's sake?


Thanks it advance everyone!

i have one of these msi boards and did have to use a trinity to update the bios. it probably will not ship with the new bios so go with the gigabyte

Thanks for the help! Saved me the hassle of reboxing the Mobo!

Yeah I reccomend you get the Gigabyte board. I like to keep a Sempron 145 CPU I picked up for £10 to update BIOS on AM3 boards for this purpose but there wont be much point in buying a trinity to do this.