MSI B650 Mortar memory training issues

So a few months ago I made a post asking advice for a first time build. Long story short I built it this week, it went great except I cannot get it to post when I enable EXPO in the bios. Also, it’s a 64GB (2x32GB) kit.

I flashed and updated bios and I am still having trouble. I’m also only setting it to the 6000 option as well, which is what it is rated for.

I tried just enabling PBO separately and that turned out fine, but when I enable EXPO it doesn’t post, even after two hours. It will post at 4800, and it runs fine if that is any help.

Any advice?

enable EXPO and increase the memory voltage in 0.2V steps, if the behavior does not change, play with the Vsoc voltage. You have to google the maximum voltage for your RAM. With the VSOC voltage it can also be that less works better.

If possible, try another ram kit with different brand.
Or return cpu, motherboard and ram all together.

On MSI’s forum, you will see many cases that ram doesn’t work properly. Other brands are pretty much the same situation. If you are in the return windows, don’t wast it. Try another ram, or just return everything.