MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Fan Curves

I have a Hyper 212 on the CPU_FAN header and 2 other fans connected to SYS_FAN headers on the board.

The CPU fan is designated to look at the CPU temp for it’s reading as is the 2 other fans. I can’t make heads or tails out of the way MSI does their fan curve settings. Default is just horrendous as it doesn’t gently increase fan speed, it just abruptly seems to throw the fans into full speed around 58-60C, thenjust as abruptly it slows them when the temp suddenly drops below that threshhold.

Could someone that has this board and adjusted fan curves on it, please give me an explanation of how it’s working? I’ve tried playing with it and only seem to make it worse. A video explaining it would be GREAT!

Lol I have one of those boards (non-max) but all the fans are DC so curves are nonfunctional for me. :wink:

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Gigabytes is even more confusing
Is it set to pwm or DC mode

pwm. dc sets it to full speed all the time

Na DC has levels they are just very course.

Try explaining that to my board. I set them to DC and they just take off right for top speed and don’t slow down.

I swear I got a board that is the bottom of the barrel even for MSI.

That might be due to something else, I know if you have PO enabled or some XMPP profiles yeah they will max out and STAY maxxed.

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